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About Teeth Whitening

Some of your favorite foods and drinks can leave with you stained, yellowed teeth. However, you don’t have to avoid things like coffee, tea, red wine, berries, soda, and candy, but instead, you can choose laser teeth whitening. Bedford, TX cosmetic dentist, Dr. Scott Staffel, offers this phenomenal procedure at his practice. The safe and gentle treatment can effectively remove a number of stains that have left your enamel dull and dingy-looking over the years. Dr. Staffel can perform the procedure in less than an hour with the advanced power of laser technology. Afterwards, you will notice teeth that are several shades whiter, more beautiful, and healthy-looking. Dr. Staffel customizes each laser teeth whitening treatment to obtain the best possible results for each patient.

What to Expect

Laser teeth whitening is an in-office procedure where anesthesia is not needed, but sedation options are available for patients with anxiety or a strong gag reflex. For the best results, the teeth will be professionally cleaned and polished prior to treatment. The teeth will then be dried and a protective barrier will be applied over the gums for protection from the laser. Once the teeth and gums are prepped, the dentist will apply the whitening gel to the teeth and then activate the gel with a special light. Once the gel is activated, stains will be removed from the enamel for several minutes until the dentist removes the gel. Depending on the patient's current enamel color and whitening goals, the gel will be applied up to three times. Once the whitening treatment is complete, the dentist will remove the remaining gel and gum barrier and completely rinse the patient’s mouth.

Treatment Aftercare

In order to prolong the effects of laser teeth whitening, patients should avoid food, beverages, and products like tobacco, which stain the teeth. Some patients may experience some sensitivity after the procedure. If the sensitivity lasts longer than 3 – 5 days after the treatment, the patient should contact the dentist. Patients should continue to follow a good home oral care routine and visit the dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning and once a year for a dental exam to minimize future staining and keep the teeth dazzling. With good oral care, the results of a laser teeth whitening treatment can last for several years and can be touched up as needed.

Insurance Coverage

Since it is considered a cosmetic procedure, laser teeth whitening treatments are usually not covered by dental insurance. However, our office can still confirm your coverage before the procedure is performed. Our office offers a variety of payment options and financing plans to cover procedures like laser teeth whitening to make it more affordable.

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A Younger-Looking Smile

If you are looking to erase years of teeth stains in one simple dental visit, then you need to inquire about laser teeth whitening. The treatment is a fast, effective way to brighten and whiten your teeth several shades. Instead of spending frustrating hours, weeks, and months with over-the-counter teeth whitening products that don’t always do the job, you can instead safely whiten your teeth in less than an hour with laser teeth whitening and get a younger, brighter smile you can enjoy immediately. Call our office to schedule a consultation today.

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