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Dental Bonding Contouring in Bedford, TX

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About Dental Bonds and Contour

A number of tooth improvements can be made with dental bonding and contouring, which is offered by DFW cosmetic dentist, Dr. Scott Staffel. For patients with chipped, cracked, stained, or discolored teeth, dental bonding consists of a tooth-colored liquid resin painted on the teeth. As a result, cosmetic issues are not only improved but the look is natural and beautiful. Bonding can also be used to treat larger cavities, make teeth appear longer, and to fill in small gaps between the teeth for a flawless look. With dental contouring, Dr. Staffel reshapes the edges of teeth so that they appear shorter, smoother, and more even. While this procedure involves minor reshaping, when it comes to the front teeth, a dramatic improvement can be made to leave a patient with a more beautiful smile.

What to Expect

Dental bonding and contouring is an in-office procedure that is typically fast and pain-free, using little or no anesthesia. To prepare the tooth for proper bonding, the dentist will etch the top layer of the tooth and apply a conditioning gel. The resin will be matched to the patient's natural tooth color and then carefully painted on to the enamel. Next, a special light is used to harden and cure the resin until the resin fully covers the treatment area. One the resin has properly set, the dentist can polish and buff the surface of the tooth to make the bonded teeth smooth, even, and appear more natural looking. With contouring, the patient’s natural teeth can also be polished and contoured with special dental instruments to remove sharp edges and level the tops of the teeth for a more uniform look.

Treatment Aftercare

After treatment, patients may find that their newly bonded and contoured teeth feel a bit awkward, but they gradually become accustomed to the new shape and feeling. To prolong the look and benefits of dental bonding, patients should attend regular dental visits for cleanings and exams and should maintain a good home care routine with daily brushing and flossing. After bonding and contouring, patients should avoid foods and drinks that stain the teeth, as well as smoking and other habits that cause wear on the teeth. With proper care, bonding and contouring can last 3 – 10 years.

Insurance Coverage

If dental bonding and contouring is deemed a necessity, such as to fix a tooth, dental insurance may cover some of the cost. However, if the procedure is purely for cosmetic improvements, insurance normally won’t cover the cost. During a consultation, our practice will help you determine whether your treatment will be covered by insurance or if you would be responsible. Our office offers several payment and financing options to make dental bonding and contouring affordable for our patients.

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Quick, Easy Fixes

For significant dental cosmetic improvements, our office offers fast and easy dental bonding and contouring to transform chipped, fractured, decayed, and discolored teeth in a single visit. The composite resin is easily bonded to the tooth to conceal and strengthen cosmetic flaws, while seamlessly matching the color of the natural teeth. Talk to your dentist about using bonding and contouring to enhance your smile during a consultation.

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