Scott Staffel, DDS

Bedford, TX patient exudes with a conservative approach, with Porcelain Veneer

Procedure Details

The patient from Bedford, TX had very healthy tooth structure and has always maintained her regular check up appointments. With the existing intrinsic discoloration, whitening was successful however the patient wanted more results with minimal involvement of her existing tooth structure. Dr. Staffel, a Bedford dentist recommended a minimal prep porcelain veneer and a brighter color.

100% Smile Satisfaction

The patient has always had dark intrinsic staining in her teeth.  Whitening procedures have helped to lighten her teeth however the patient was ready for a longer lasting result with minimal changes to her healthy tooth structure.  We were able to accomplish this with a minimal prep veneer preserving the healthy tooth structure and bightening her smile pemanantly 


Scott M. Staffel, DDS

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